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The project Resonars “Academy of ancient Arts” engages mainly in the redescovery and investigation of artistic disciplines that highly influenced historical ages and aesthetics between the Middle Ages and the Baroque tims.

Tripudiantes Dovarensis- the Renaissance dance group shares many adventures with us: the “Danzasi come” project and the Palio di Isola Dovarese.

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 Associazione Ritmi

AssociazioneRitmi c/o Cesvol, Piazza Garibaldi, Palazzetto del Perdono – 06081- S. Maria degli Angeli – Assisi (PG); Tel 0039 348/7228684; e-mail: associazioneritmi@gmail.com www.associazioneritmi.it


Luca Piccioni

Luca Piccioni is a lutenist and luthier and he is specialized in the reconstruction of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque lutes. He is moreover graduated in guitar and a lute scholar. www.lucapiccioni.it



Vincenzo Cipriani

Liutaio in Assisi Via Cimabue 5, 06088 – Assisi (PG);






 Officine della Cultura

Officine della Cultura is a cooperative society with the goal of promoting cultural goods and activities attached to the development of the territory. www.officinedellacultura.org



Ass. Effetti Sonori http://www.asseffettisonori.it/cori.html

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