Ensemble Anonima Frottolisti

Umanesimo in musica


Anonima. Photo Chiara Dionigi

Anonima. Photo Chiara Dionigi


The Anonima Frottolisti project was started in Assisi as a result of a meeting of musicians who had had international experiences of musical performance and study. Its purpose is to deal with the repertory of European Humanism. The practice and research of this ensemble are based on the use and analysis of original scores, in the awareness of the value of the writing and theory of that period. The ensemble’s aesthetics is constantly influenced by everything that is a living demonstration of what art was in ancient times, ranging from oral-tradition music to scholarly music: this research aims to evaluate how these two worlds continually enrich each other. Anonima Frottolisti has performed in Italy and abroad, during some of the most important early-music seasons: Sweden, Sloveny, Bosnia, France, Switzerland, Croatia. The Anonima Frottolisti project stems from a collaboration with Associazione Ritmi and Officine della Cultura- Arezzo.

The productions of the ensemble:

  • “MUSICA DISONESTA / INDECENT MUSIC – miti e racconti dall’Umanesimo”. (Tactus).

  • ALMA SVEGLIATE ORMAI, Contrafacta devozionali nella musica profana del XV e XVI secolo … (Tactus).

  • GLORIOSUS FRANCISCUS– la musica per San Francesco dal XIII al XVI secolo (Tactus).

  • DI CORTE IN CORTE, musica dall’Umanesimo (Nomination ICMA) / From court to court Music in the Courts of Italian Humanism (nomination ICMA); (Tactus).

  • Laudario di Cortona : Armoniosoincanto, dir Franco Radicchia (Brillant ed.).

  • Passio Sancti Ruphyni”- ed. Ritmi, Passio medievale dedicata al Patrono della città Serafica. (Ritmi ed.).

  • Docu-fiction “San Francesco e Frate Leone”-“Bernardo da Quintavalle” – “Santa Chiara” della Lauro Production.

  • The ensemble was in film-fiction “I Borgia” (II ed.);

  • L’ombra di Caravaggio”, regia di Michele Placido.

  • The ensemble collaborated whit Radio Rai 3 ,RSI –  Radio Svizzera Italiana, HRT – Radio nazionale Croata.

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