Ensemble Anonima Frottolisti

Umanesimo in musica



The Anonima Frottolisti project was started in Assisi as a result of a meeting of musicians who had had international experiences of musical performance and study. Its purpose is to deal with the repertory of European Humanism. The practice and research of this ensemble are based on the use and analysis of original scores, in the awareness of the value of the writing and theory of that period. The ensemble’s aesthetics is constantly influenced by everything that is a living demonstration of what art was in ancient times, ranging from oral-tradition music to scholarly music: this research aims to evaluate how these two worlds continually enrich each other. Anonima Frottolisti has performed in Italy and abroad, during some of the most important early-music seasons: Sweden, Slovenia, Bosnia, France, Croatia, Italy. The ensemble has collaborated in the creation of the sound track of the docu-fictions San Francesco e Frate Leone and Bernardo da Quintavalle (Lauro Production); it has acted as musical co-ordinator for the Palio of Isola Dovarese (Cremona); and has worked with Sky for the serial Lucrezia Borgia. The Anonima Frottolisti project stems from a collaboration with Associazione Ritmi.


Anonima Frottolisti palyed in Italy and abroad for several importan early musice fesivals: “Notte bianca della musica antica di Zagabria – Croatia -HR” “Stagione Concertistica di Città della Pieve 2010” “Dvigrad Festival edizioni 2010-2011 – Croatia – HR” “Festival Musica Cortese 2011, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy” Tournèe in Svezia 2010 Concerts at the Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi di Arezzo (2010) Theatre concert season in Grottazzolina (FM) 2010 Mag – Festival di Marsciano (2010) (PG), Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM) 2011 Anonima Frottolisti collaborated as artistic and musical direction ha collaborato come direzione artistico with the Ente Palio di Isola Dovarese 2011-2012 (Cremona). Cortona cristiana, Cortona, Arezzo (2012). Concert season Terni (2012) Musica nella Torre Music in the tower, Marciano della Chiana, Arezzo (2012) Early music concerts, Tuzla, Bosnia (2012). Anonima Frottolisti collaborates with Accademia di Arti Antiche Resonars di Assisi, with the choir Armoniosoincanto dir. F. Radicchia, with Crypta Canonicorum dir. Emiliano Finucci, with the cultural executive of the Quintana di Foligno (Perugia), with Calendimaggio di Assisi. Anonima Frottolisti participated to the soundtrack of the docu-fiction “San Francesco e Frate Leone”, Lauro production and of the docu-fiction on Bernardo da Quintavalle. In 2012 Anonima collaborated to the productions Sky for the series “I Borgia”. Anonima Frottolisti is a project in collaboration with AssociazioneRitmi – Assisi. In 2012 Anonima Frottolisti published the work “Indecent music – myths and tales from Humanism” for the label Tactus.


Luca Piccioni: voice (tenor, cantus), lute, viola da mano Emiliano Finucci: voice (cantus), viola da arco Massimiliano Dragoni: antique percussions, hammer dulcimer Fabrizio Lepri: viola da arco Daniele Bocchini: Renaissance trombone Andrea Angeloni: Renaissance trombone Marco Ferrari: flutes and shawm Ludovico Mosena: flutes, hurdy-gurdy Mauro Presazzi: voice (altus) Simone Marcelli: voice (bassus), portative organ Luigi Germini: trombone Elisa Tonelli: voice

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